I’ve chosen Vinyl as my siding, now what?

K-Designers Vinyl Siding InstalWhen building a new home, or remodeling an existing one, vinyl siding is now the most popular choice for siding. Not surprising with its affordability and versatility. But with it being so popular how do you make your home stand out compared to your neighbors?

Vinyl siding is a very versatile siding material all by itself with a variety of options built in. Board type, installation method, color, and designer elements are all choices you can make to create a unique look to your home.

Board Type
Vinyl siding is made to imitate a real wood siding installation. The most common styles appear to be strips of overlapping boards installed running horizontally in rows, bottom to top. Because styles have varied over the years there are a variety of standard board widths (4” to 8” ) to choose from.

Shakes and Scallops
Shakes like standard vinyl siding has a wooden counterpart. If you aren’t familiar think of old style wooden shingles except they are installed as a siding material instead of on your roof. There are a few different styles of shake from a little more uniform to more rustic and random. Scallops are a little different in that the exposed end is rounded into a half circle. You can use either of these styles to cover your entire home or just as an accent to your primary siding choice.

Installation Method
As I mentioned board style siding is primarily installed horizontally on your home. But some styles, like Board and Batten, are meant to be installed vertically. Any horizontal style siding can be installed on a slant to add visual interest to your home. If installed this way the angle usually matches the pitch of your roof or it’s done at 45 degrees.

It used to be that your color options were limited to maybe three, now you have over a dozen standard colors with several designer options to choose from.

Designer Elements
Vinyl accent pieces give your install a custom and stylish appearance. Some like trim or wraps can match, contrast or harmonize with your main siding color. Other designer elements like headers, keystones, shutters, pilasters, sunbursts etc. come in a reduced color pallet since they are meant to make a statement by contrasting.

As you can see plenty of options to make your house truly custom with just vinyl, but if that just isn’t enough you can mix your siding materials. Accenting your foundation or breaking from one material to another based on the architecture can certainly add style to your home’s exterior. The most common pairing is probably brick or stone, but any siding material can be mixed if done with a little planning.

If you are looking to bring new life to your home let K-Designers guide you through the choices. Call 800-728-3902 or visit www.k-designers.com.


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