Curb Appeal is about first impressions does your home make a good one?

Curb Appeal

When visitors come by your home you want them to have a positive impression. This is especially true if you are selling your home. That first impression of your home happens long before they step foot inside. First impressions can be misleading and are hard to change for good or ill. In fact 90% of home buyers decide if they are interested in a home before seeing the inside. It’s no surprise that the home industry emphasizes curb appeal as a very important component to your home’s value. (Curb appeal is the impression your home gives viewers from the curb.) If you are looking to improve your homes curb appeal there are some areas you can look into:

The single largest component of your home is its exterior. Faded and peeling paint aren’t exactly a good. You can of course paint every few years but vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free. With the occasional hose down vinyl siding can maintain its look for decades. In addition it comes in a variety of styles and colors. With vinyl your home looks its best day after day.

Windows from a style perspective can set the tone of your homes appearance. Replacing your old windows can truly revitalize the look. Windows have a variety of options: style, shape, color and decorative elements like grids. Make your windows stand out and be dramatic or just have them shed that dated look. In addition to a punch of style updating older windows can save you money on your energy bill and protect your belongings from sun damage.

Design Elements
Think of design elements as that little something extra added to features of your home to enhance them. Many of these elements have to do with your windows or doors as they are locations that stand out. They add interest and style to your window or door openings. They can be one element like shutters, or an entire grouping of elements like wraps, headers, footers, pilasters etc.

Entry Door
Changing out your front door can be a dramatic change. Your entry area greets your guests. Is it inviting? Does it have character? Is it impressive? All these things can be achieved. There are many styles, colors and features to consider to suit your new updated entry area. You can even expand your entryway with a matching side lite, extra sized door or double doors to make an even more dramatic change.

Garage Door
Many homes start out with a rather generic garage door. So this area is perfect area to update. Garage doors take up a lot of surface area so changes here will definitely get noticed. Change your standard door to a faux carriage style or simulated wood, keeping all the ease and functionality of a standard door while gaining the bump in curb appeal with the enhanced appearance.

The first rule of landscaping is keeping it maintained. If your yard looks like a jungle it won’t reflect well on your home. The second would be to not let it overpower or hide your home. Overgrown or incorrectly sized plants detract from your home. Your home is your castle. Show it off.

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