Blinds and Shades are the same aren’t they?

Many people use the two words interchangeably. But they really do refer to two different forms of window coverings.

Vinyl faux wood blinds
Vinyl faux wood blinds

Window Blinds
Windows blinds are generally considered a “hard” window covering. Blinds are made up of individual slats of stiff material that stack when raised or when retracted to either side of your opening. Blinds allow for no coverage when completely open or the slats can be rotated, while the blind is partially or fully closed, to allow for variable coverage. They are most commonly made of vinyl, wood, or metal.

Honeycomb Window Blinds
Honeycomb Window Blinds

Window Shades
Window shades are a “soft” window covering. They are made of a continuous sheet of flexible material. They can be raised or lowered causing the shade to gather or roll up onto itself to adjust light/privacy. In some types they can even be retracted from the top down and the bottom up simultaneously. They are most commonly made of fabric or vinyl. Soft not only applies to the material being flexible in form it also applies to it’s visual appearance. Shades are very often made of somewhat translucent materials giving the treatment a more softened appearance compared to blinds.

Knowing the difference can help in your search to find just exactly what you are looking for. If you have any more question in regards to blinds or shades or some other remodeling project contact K-Designers at 800-728-3902 or visit us online


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