So do you want grids with that?

K-Designers replacement windows and patio door with gridsGrids? When talking about windows it’s not an unexpected question. Grids refer to dividers installed on the interior, exterior and even in between the panes of your window. They are used to imitate a particular design style or construction method. An example of a style of window is Colonial. Windows of this type are characterized by multiple (6-20) smaller panes of glass (or lites) which are all the same size. But window makers don’t really make true Colonial style windows anymore.

In the past glass was the single most expensive part of a window. Flat sheet glass was difficult to produce especially in larger sizes. This led to windows being made up of smaller pieces held together in a grid or frame up to whatever size window they wanted. Now glass is produced in larger sheets and cut down to most standard window sizes making glass no longer the deciding factor in how a window is made.

There are other factors in how a window looks, primarily energy efficiency, but for the most part the consumer can choose style as the main deciding factor in choosing a new or replacement window. Window grids help greatly in making a window unique, conforming to the neighborhoods overall design (so your home doesn’t stick out) or to simply match your homes existing style when updating outdated or damaged windows.

Grids are made of a variety of materials (vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass etc) and come in a variety of styles and patterns. Depending on the manufacturer and model you might even be able to create your own grid lines.

Grids aren’t just for windows. They apply to doors as well. Doors comprised primarily of glass are usually made by a window company and come with most if not all the same features. This comes in handy when you want your window grids to match your sliding glass door.

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