Don’t Let The Weather Win

It’s that time of year where rain or snow will start to move you indoors for the winter. But maybe you don’t need to move indoors just yet.

K-Designers America's Dream Koolshade Solid patio covers like America’s Dream Kookshade can truly extend the length of time you can enjoy your outdoor spaces. Koolshade is a coated aluminum product that comes in a lattice (or beam) variety and in solid sheets. This means you can mix the two coverage types giving you 100% shade and weather protection in one area and use the lattice in another area to provide shade or in the case of an attached patio cover still allow light in through covered windows or doors.

America's Dream Ultimate Underdeck

Another way to make those outdoor spaces usable for longer is an underdeck system. Underdeck systems like Ultimate Underdeck are installed under an existing raised deck. They create a water barrier that channels water from rain and snow away from the area under the deck. Now light fixtures and less weather resistant materials and products can be used without worrying about a sudden rain storm.

Of course the temperature is also a factor in staying outside so adding a heat source of some sort will fully enable extending your use of that outdoor space.

If you are interested in America’s Dream Kookshade or Ultimate Underdeck or any other remodeling project contact K-Designers 800-728-3902 or We can help make your home more enjoyable.